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  • Dr Amy Adlard

    Dr Amy Adlard

    NKT cells to augment cancer immunity
    Post-doctoral Associate (MCCIR)

  • Dr Anupam Goenka

    Dr Anupam Goenka

    Understanding innate immune ontogeny in infant vulnerability to tuberculosis
    MCCIR Clinical Research Fellow (MCCIR)

  • Ms Freya Svedberg

    Ms Freya Svedberg

    Self-renewal of airway macrophages and dendritic cells during pulmonary inflammation
    PhD student (MCCIR)

  • Mr Josh Casulli

    Mr Josh Casulli

    Determining regulatory mechanism that subverts protective immunity against bacterial infection with Francisella tularensis
    PhD student (DSTL Research Grant)

  • Dr Pippa Kennedy

    Dr Pippa Kennedy

    Investigating the distribution and behaviour of inhibitory receptors at the NK immunological synapse
    Post-doctoral Research Associate (MCCIR)

  • Dr Rajia Bahiri

    Dr Rajia Bahiri

    The role of mast cell in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases
    Post-doctoral Research Associate (Institute of Inflammation and Repair FMHS, UoM)

  • Mr Will Critchley

    Mr Will Critchley

    Homeostatic mechanisms underlying cellular repair: a systems approach
    PhD Student (BBSRC)

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