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MRC Discovery Award: ‘Capacity Building in single cell inflammation discovery: developing the next generation of scientists.’

The University was awarded a MRC Discovery Award to enhance ‘Capacity Building in single cell inflammation discovery: developing the next generation of scientists.’

The MCCIR and the Infection, Immunity, Inflammation and Repair domain recently launched a call for pump-priming and/or to develop early career researchers in single cell analysis of clinically relevant inflammation. Those awarded all make use of the University’s MRC funded state-of-the-art Single Cell Facility.

Successful applications

Antifungal potency of the airway epithelium in health and disease: a single cell approach

Principal Investigator(s): Dr Elaine Bignell

Co-investigator(s): Dr Margherita Bertuzzi - Manchester Fungal Infection Group

Award value: £81,276

Applying single cell technology to Steroid Resistant Asthma: identifying the role of circadian mechanisms in TH17 cells

Principal Investigator(s): Dr Hannah Durrington

Co-investigator(s): Dr John Blaikley, Prof David, Ray, Dr Steve Fowler

Award value: £26,481

Does single cell biological noise conceal circadian timing information

Principal Investigator(s): Dr J Blaikley

Co-investigator(s): Dr H Durrington, Prof D Ray, Prof A Hazel

Award value: £86,966

Monocyte heterogeneity in health and inflammatory disease

Principal Investigator(s): Dr Sebastien Viatte

Co-investigator(s): Ben Mulhearn, Paul Martin, Syed Murtuza Baker

Award value: £73,326

High-resolution definition of pulmonary immune cells during human asthma

Principal Investigator(s): Prof Andrew McDonald

Co-investigator(s): Dr Peter Cook, Prof Angela Simpson, Dr Robert Niven

Award value: £40,000

The nanoscale organisation of naïve and regulatory T cell surfaces in juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients

Principal Investigator(s): Prof Stephen Eyre, Prof Daniel M Davis

Co-investigator(s): Pawel Paszek, Paul Martin, Annie Yarwood

Award value: £100,000

Members of the panel included: Professor Tracy Hussell, Professor Mike White, Professor Nigel Hooper, Professor Jane Worthington, Professor Angela Simpson, Professor Andrew Sharrocks, Professor Chris Thompson and Dr Gareth Howell.

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