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The MCCIR offers a world leading unique way to undertake research into inflammatory diseases, which brings together academics, clinicians and industrial partners. The MCCIR at The University of Manchester is perfectly situated to provide an ideal environment in which to undertake post-graduate studies.

Watch a YouTube video of Professor Daniel Davis (MCCIR Director of Research), as he explains why he did a PhD, the advantages of doing a PhD and the challenges involved.

The MCCIR sits within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at The University of Manchester. FBMH offers a broad range of PhD projects in world-leading research groups and labs, with access to facilities, training and support through our Doctoral Academy to give you the best start to a career in research and beyond.

A number of PhD opportunities within the MCCIR are currently available:

MRC DTP Studentships

Sorry - there are no studentships available.

BBSRC DTP Studentships

Sorry - there are no studentships available.

Funded studentships

Sorry - there are no studentships available.

Self-funded PhD projects

The MCCIR is willing to consider applications from self-funded PhD students.

Please see FBMH website for how to apply.


Daniel Davis: The nanoscale organisation of immune cell surfaces in health and disease

Tracy Hussell: Basal stem cells in the lung and their recognition of dying cells

Joanne Konkel: Do Altered host-microbial interactions promote oral inflammation during ageing?

Amy Saunders: The role of microbial-immune system interactions in inflammatory skin disease

Mark Travis: How the immune system is regulated to prevent autoimmunity

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